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Greeting Your Father a Happy Father’s Day

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As adage says, the only constant in this world is change. With the advancement of new technology and inventions emerged in our world today, greeting your father a “happy father’s day” is just like a one pick up of your phone. You can send your greetings through text messages, email, postcards, through social networking sites such as “facebook” and “twitter” or even in uploading your own videos just to say how special your father is. All of these are just one of the clear manifestations why greeting a “happy father’s day” is one of the most priceless statement a child can give to their father.

Family is said to be the heart and veins of society, also as the basic unit in our community a family should be modeled by a supporting and generous father. Through this small community the respect, humility, social-accountability and spiritual formation are developed. The mainstream prime mover of a developing family is designated to a father, so the father has the vital role to comply and we have to consider that. He is responsible and has the valor to protect his family by all means and ways. He is also assigned to mold the formation of each members of his family towards the future. Through his hands and power depends on the totality of the individual’s cognitive, affective and psychomotor development. With these strenuous responsibility bestowed on him, he is deserving to receive and to feel the special attention from us. Life has been luckier for we have given a father that always there to substantiates the needs of his family. Some people are lucrative enough to extend their love to their father. In some countries, they just make a simple letter or written on a piece of paper to write their intentions. Others draw a complete picture of a family with all the praises and gratitude. Countries like in the Southeast Asia, they make some prayers in their tomb if their father had passed away. They put lighted candles, candies and ornamental plants to commemorate their contributions and life changing experience that they had brought to their lives.

Every country, beliefs, culture or even generations have their own way of celebrating Fathers Day and greeting their father in that day. It is always a good idea to greet your father a happy Father’s day in your own traditional way; it would be meaningful to him than other method around. The point here is how you will say your true gratitude and appreciation to your father that day. The important thing is you say the true value of his effort in a meaningful way. You can be artistic as you can, show to your father your effort. Do not forget that this day is for your loving father that always been there for you and your family.

So this coming June 19th, you should celebrate the Father’s Day together with your loving and ever caring father, don’t fail to declare your warmest compliments to your respected father. Be appreciative always to your loving father for he is worthy of your thanksgiving for he commits his own life for the wellbeing of his family. Be obliged to tell the nicest thing or experiences that your father has been sharing to your family for the past years, let him be happy this coming Father’s Day because of the artistic or simple yet touchy greetings that your father could have. Have this date marked for the very special person in your family, your father. Let this day will be unforgettable moment to your family and your father.

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