Sunday, December 17

Father of an Infant

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When the children are in their infant years, this would be the ignoring times of most fathers. Oftentimes, we children forget the great and heroic effort of the father because we are only more focused to our mothers. It is sad but true, can you still remember an act from your father while you are still a baby? I could still dimly remember my mother used to carry when I started to cry. It would be a routine for my mother in doing so, since then when I cry and then someone would carry me, my instinct would be signaling that the one who is carrying me is my mother even though it is my father. And when I cry because I’m hungry I would be biased thinking that only my mother can give me milk to appease my thirst, but it never come to my mind that my father is always there guarding me and even doing hands-on whenever it is necessary.

We failed to recognize the voice of our father often when we are still a child, we mostly cling to our mother than to our father, and we are more excited in hearing the voice of our mothers than to our fathers. We mostly get to sleep when we hear the humming of our mother than to our father. We smiled often to our mother than to our father. We find more security in our mother than in the presence of our father. The list goes on in on, what then is our conclusion? When we were still children, we give more importance to our mother than to our father without knowing the real effort of our father in the backstage. But after all of this negligence of the children to our father, still our father is quite satisfied doing the hard work so that he can assure you a better future, they don’t murmur but always thinking of the helpless baby on the crib, aiming for a better life that the father can give to his children. They are always the hero, the guys on watch cherishing in every smile that we can make and delighting as they can see you breathing for survival.

As a father, you will find it easier even though it is actually hard for you, but if you mind your child’s crying for help and survival, you will surely do everything just to be sufficient in providing the needs of your family. You always do not mind if your child knows your effort or not, as far as they are in good terms then you have a big sigh in relief. Fathers love their children that he just wanted the best thing for his child. A father would be the hardest thing to do on the planet and they can only achieve their role to be the right father if and only if they draw the perfect strength from home. But if their home lack in encouraging the captain of the family then the first person you will sink is the father.

In this coming Father’s Day, don’t fail to say your thankfulness to your father. Share with them your collapsing memoires while you were still a baby, be grateful to him even you always ignore his effort while you were still a baby. Say to him that you appreciate him in what he had done while you were still in the very young age. Do not hesitate to hug them so they can feel your sincerity. Speaks words that can make them smile and be proud of him in everything he has done for you. 


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