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Some Facts About Depression

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Every year about of population, more women than men, experience depression. So common it’s a big problem as depression effects sufferers productivity and well being seriously. Most important of all it raises suicide risk dramatically. It also costs economy millions regard to productivity loss and treatment expenses. Yet there are some depressed people that can’t be cured.

What’s depression? It’s a general state of not having joy from life, sadness, low self worth and hopelessness. Exact symptoms change from person to person, for instance in some cases insomnia accompany to depression in some cases excess sleepiness is the matter. Low energy and lack of sexual desire are also common in depressed people.It’s also not rare that depression becomes hidden and manifests itself by none of these symptoms but maybe as an unexplained physical pain at body.

There are many theories about what causes depression . From Sigmund Freud to modern psychoanalists, from psychologists to psychiatrists, or believers of alternative medicine everyone has something to say. Shortly there are many factors playing role in depression. A life event like loss of a loved one or statue loss may trigger depression specially when you are inclined because of biological factors like bad nutrition or stress.

In practical terms the important point is what you can do about depression. You can take some simple steps to avoid it firstly. These steps may prevent you being depressed, if you are already depressed may help to recover.

Diet, as in many aspects of life, is important when the matter is depression too. There are some foods that may lift your mood temporarily like pasta but your concern must be a more fundemantal change in diet for a permanent effect. Todays junk food trend; Fast food, chips,biscuits are first to avoid as possible. Instead nutritious food must be your choice. Vegetables and fruits must be main component of your diet.

Sugar in fruits and vegetables is not harmful as sugar in processed foods. By limiting your sugar intake, by time you will see improvements in your mood and energy levels. This improvement won’t be tenuous like you feel when you snack a pick me up food. Limiting sugar intake with a diet high in fruits and vegetables will have effects in roots of your psyche that will make you more resistant to depression.

You must also take preventive meausures against stress. Continous stress results in excess release of stress hormones that interferes with well being. Also that’s an other factor that makes you vulnerable to depression if not a cause by itself. Against stress you must make sure you get enough b-vitamins and minerals magnesium and zinc. Magnesium has a reputation of being stress mineral so it’s specially important. Also you must take some time for relaxation; Meditation or listening relaxation music are among the things you can do to relax. You can just lay and listen sounds of nature for relaxation. It’s very effective.

Exercising..You probably have heard that it’s beneficial for health, countless times. Despite that it’s so important that an article about depression can’t be thought without mentioning exercise. Some studies claim it’s more beneficial than antidepressant drugs. For depression, best would be running regularly but you can do other forms of exercise like aerobics. Even walking regularly may do the trick.

Going out and being exposed to sunlight eases depression. You don’t have to see the sun, it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy. Even light sources at your home works but to a lesser degree. It’s more efficient for seasonal winter depression. Light boxes are used specially to treat depression and some studies claim it’s as efficient as antidepressant drugs with fewer side effect.

Ofcourse you can take antidepressants for depression. There are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors usually called SSRIs like fluoxetine, citalopram, paroxetine, and sertraline. These work specially on serotenergic system. Another type is trycilic antidepressants that are usually used for seriously depressed people. They work both on serotenergic and noradregenic systems. For instance clomipramine is a widely used trycilic antidepressant.

Depression can manifest itself as a slight tendency of not having joy from life or can be much more serious as it can make people suicidal. It’s generally a treatable illness. You can even prevent it to some degree by having the right diet and avoiding stress. The important point is to be aware of being depressed so to get help from doctor. There are people living a low optimum life because of depression and not aware of it. Getting the right treatment they will take more joy from life and be more productive. So if you don’t feel well or think something is wrong with your mood always consider the probability of depression and consult your doctor.







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