Sunday, December 17

Watch Out, Our Friends in Nature Are Disappearing

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Alarming bells have already begun to warm the whole humanity living on this planet earth about the outcome of global warming and increasing pollution in the world environment. The climate change has begun to cause more and more natural calamities and endanger the existence of many species. Many have already disappeared from the face of the earth. Urbanization, use of pesticides in agriculture and modern equipments has affected the normal existence of many species. Fast disappearance of insects like honeybees, our best ecological friends of nature, has put a great question mark in the very existence of the whole humanity.

Nature is full of beauty and provides everything for human existence. Each and every creature has a noble purpose for its existence. They fill us with happiness. Our literatures are filled with buzzing and humming of bees and butterflies. They have been a source of imagination. They are the promoters and guardians of our agriculture which mainly depends on their service of pollination.

Honey has been a traditional elixir. The healing powers of honey for most of the infections have been studied and proved throughout history. It has been used for many years in folk remedies especially in Chinese, Indian and Greek cultures. Honey has no side affects and has been used to treat wounds, coughs, and joint pains for centuries. Besides the healing power of honey, it is well known for improving athletic performance, increasing cognitive abilities, and an overall enhancement in the quality of life in those who consume them.

Recent developments in technology and use of chemicals and pesticides have caused much damage to natural conditions. Our badly mutilated surroundings have caused extinction of many species. The biodiversity of nature is affected very much by the selfishness of humans. The environment has been spoiled beyond repair destroying the habitats of animals and birds for constructing roads, dams and planting cash crops. We have poisoned natural lands wit chemicals and pesticides. Numberless insects, including bees, are disappearing from this planet.

It has been discovered that the honeybee colonies are wiped out in great number as the magnetite in the bodies of the bees that help their navigation is much sensitive to the modern electronic devices, especially the cell phones.

By losing our friends, the bees and insects, we are nearing the last days of existence. By the extinction of bees and insects, our agriculture will stop. No pollination and no food grains. Without food how can we survive?  


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