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Quick Things to Know About Money And Finance Without Being an Expert

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Hundred years ago, people used learned tricks to compensate for lack of information. Today, with so much information at hand, people sometimes feel confused on how to solve problems as it takes the more time to find the solution at hand. As a result of that, some people have created mental tools to help solve problems that keep on repeating. These tools are based on experiences or observations by people who bother to look at how things work and at how things get done. This verision of the article will deal with money, finance and the business world. So if you find yourself stuck, always turn to these shortcuts.

1) You generally need three volunteers at least for a training session to be worthwile. If fewer were at hand, its better to do the job yourself.

2) If you need something done, go to the busy person.

3)If you have a steady salary, you should be able to support a mortgage that is three times your annual income.

4) A meeting is not worth attending if the trip tales more time than the duration of the meeting itself.\

5) In a performance review, don’t offer the reviewee more than three criticism’s, it will usually backfire.

6) Always save $100 per month for home repairs.

7) Rental properties should sell 100 times its monthly rental income.

8) Your marketing product should have three easy recognizable advantages over its competition to be successful.

9) Never go cheap on your bed or shoe. At the end of the day, you will be in one or the other your whole life.

10) When selling a car, stop selling and close the deal when the customer asks for the colors available.

11) When negotiating a salary, add 30% more to what you currently earn, and 40% more if the job entails moving to a diiferent place.

12) People ill not buy something they cannot pronounce.

13) If a customer likes a product/restaurant, he/she will likely tell two more people, on the other hand, if he/she dislikes it, seven or more people will know of this.

14) Inorder to make a profit on a land, always construct a building atop of it that is worth at least four times what the land is worth.

15) Don’t start a business unless you can wait one year before realizing some profits.

16) Always have six months’ salary in savings for emergency.

17) Never ask someone to do something without a time limit assigned to the task on hand.

18) At the age of 30, aim to save up to 10% of your income for retirement.

19) The response rate for mass promotions is 0.2%.

20) Your total monthly housing expenses, including your mortgage, should not exceed 33% of your monthly income.  


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