Monday, December 11

Miguel Cotto Proves He is Still Live And Deadly

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After losing a 12th round TKO to Manny Pacquiao late last year, former WBO welterweight king Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico handed Yuri Foreman of Bronx, New York his first defeat in 22 fights in a 9th round TKO. And in the process, Cotto stripped Foreman of his WBO light middleweight title.

This writer earlier predicted that Foreman’s defensive style of boxing would probably give him the edge over the smaller yet powerful banger from Puerto Rico. (To read the article, click here) However, unrelenting pressure and new tricks learned from revered trainer Emmanuel Steward enabled Cotto to dominate the champion from the first round to the end. Body shots and crisp jabs and short punches wobbled Foreman, whose right knee gave the Belarus-born New Yorker problems.

But Foreman held his own ground and it was obvious the he opted to go down trying to defend his crown. After the 7th round, Foreman was in deep trouble as the knee looked like to be causing him extreme pain. The following round saw a little drama as a white towel was thrown into the ring. However, the referee ruled that it did not come from Foreman’s corner and decided to let the fight continue. In the 9th round, Cotto landed a massive left hook to the body that sent Foreman down for the count.

 A very remarkable performance by Cotto indeed. But great respect goes to Foreman by keeping up the fight to the fullest extent of his capacity.

With the WBA light middleweight crown secured, could this Cotto victory mean a possible rematch with Pacquiao at the light middleweight division, especially with Floyd Mayweather hinting a possible retirement from the sport (READ: ducking Pacquiao)? This writer have deemed that a Pacquiao-Cotto rematch would generate less interest from the boxing community, especially after Pacquiao thrashed Cotto in their last outing.

But with Cotto’s impressive improvement under coach Steward and the new set of skills he displayed against Foreman, a spark of curiosity could arose. With Mayweather veering towards a possible layoff from the sport for two years, a Pacquiao-Cotto 2 at the light middleweight division is, at the very least, positively intriguing.

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