Friday, December 15

Wedding Etiquette: is it Necessary to Invite The Childrens ?

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And although the wedding – your day, it is necessary to consider whether their decisions contumely guests and relatives. Here are some wedding etiquette :

Adults OnlySome couples, if they have their own reasons, do not want to be involved in their children’s wedding. Perhaps it seeks to reduce the guest list and the cost of holidays, and may wish to avoid the puppy crying, buzz, hyperactivity.  This debate can be very hot. Some people assume that children included in the list of guests is rude and wrong. Others provide evidence that the wedding – it’s a family holiday and life cycle, so they should participate in children.If you want to present a celebration for adults only, Think well and do not forget that for some people this may sound like an insult and the coldness of your hand. Usually a wedding present and children, if we look at history, we may see that the children of the wedding symbolism has always played an important role.However, the wedding is YOUR day and the day you have the right to be happy and do what you want for yourself. If, after examination of all the pluses and minuses, you decide that your wedding really do not want children, maybe the rules will help mitigate the confusing situation:

* The fact that the children not taking part in the wedding, the invitation to let the words “adults only”.  * Avoid the phrase “no children”, “unwanted children”, etc.. The only correct phrase is “adults only”.  * This information must be printed.* If you are not inviting children, call no children. Nobody makes exceptions. Those guests whose children were not invited, could very offended – and it’s completely understandable. The only possible exception – the script of the ceremony included children. While some experts believe that this exception is justified, is usually considered that if only adults are involved in a wedding, a ceremony and no children. Otherwise, those children who were not invited to the wedding, the parents would think that some children were the exceptions, and their babies had to stay home. You may think that this is a bit unfair. After the wedding ceremony will be involved in the children know well and know that they are calm and well bring up what you can not tell the other children. However, uninvited children’s parents did not think so. Well ponder the situation. Tip – if only adults are involved in the wedding, do not make any exceptions. Otherwise, you risk getting hurt when the guests.  * The best advice? Take a deep breath and forget about it. Discard the head and focus on positive things. Your wedding day shoot so fast that no slippage wink. Think only about the funny things. Remember, the best day of your life! Enjoy.


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