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Travel Destinations: Zhejiang Province, China

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Travel Destinations: Zhejiang Province, China

Zhejiang may be one of China’s smallest personalities but you will find it has one of the biggest personalities and character in the entire country. For centuries, Zhejiang has been home to a prosperous cultural centre, home to some of China’s most affluent politicians, philosophers, thinkers and artists, not to mention some of the most delicious dishes.

The province is divided into two – the north with its twisting rivers, lush valleys and green rolling hills, and the south, with its impressive rugged scenery. This is a place of wild beauty, with far reaching valleys and impressive rocky peaks stretching up to the sky.


Hangzhou is the capital of the province and is one of China’s most famous tourist sites – the West Lake. The city has been an important cultural centre for centuries and with its willow tree lined streets, misty covered hills, ancient temples and beautiful pagodas, it feels as though you have stepped back a few centuries in time.

West Lake is the most popular destination here and it is not hard to figure out why. This is the original West Lake (there are 36 in China altogether), built by an 8thcentury emperor. Over the years, flowers, trees and parks were added. Poets have used West Lake for centuries for inspiration. Today, you can wander around (it will take a day at least) to see all the cultural attractions here.

Other places you should not miss out on are the Mausoleum of General Yue Fei, Yellow Dragon Cave Park, Leifeng Pagoda, Jingci Temple, Lingyin Temple, China Academy of Art, Qinghefang Old Street, and many more.


Although established in the Tang Dynasty, this town has only just been restored to help promote tourism in the region. This is the place where you come to for that taste of Old China; the buildings have that old charm to them. Come here to see the Gongsheng Grains Worshop, the Blue Prints Workshop, Mao Dun’s Former Residence and the Huiyuan Pawn Shop.


A charming water town located 125km away from Hangzhou, Nanxun is a town that can boast over 1400 years of history. For centuries it was an important centre for the silk production industry in the region and by the Ming Dynasty, it became an important commercial centre.

Today, there are several places that attract visitors. Start with the 100 Room Pavilion, then visit the Little Lotus Villa, then the Jiaye Library, the Zhang Family Compound before heading off to the Liu Family Compound.


Another charming water town, Shaoxing is home to some beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and some lovely buildings and cultural sites. A visit to Lu Xun’s Former Residence, the Ancestral Homes, King Yu’s Mausoleum and the Yingtian Pagoda are sights not to be missed out on.


A city not to be missed out when touring Zhejiang Province, Ningbo rose to fame during the 7thand 8thcenturies for trading tea, silk and ceramics. Here you will find some impressive and beautiful places to visit; the Tianyi Pavilion, Moon Lake, Drum Tower and the Catholic Church will leave you enchanted with this city.

There are so many more cities, towns and villages for you to visit in this lovely province. Plan your visit today and you will guaranteed memories that will last your entire life.


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