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Travel Destinations: Guangdong Province, China

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Travel Destinations: Guangdong Province, China

Guangdong has been known to the Chinese government as the rebellious one – feisty and determined, this was the region where disgraced officials from the north in ancient times were exiled to. It was thought that barbarians lived here, but in reality, this was the region where a powerful kingdom arose after the fall of the Qin Dynasty fell, the Nanyue kingdom.

Guangdong was primarily a backwater province for years, where the Cantonese made their living through the sea, until the establishment of the three SEZ (Special Economic Zones) and the trading links to Hong Kong. Now it is one of the most prosperous places in China.


Guangzhou is better known to Westerners as Canton, and is the provincial capital. It was also the capital of the powerful Nanyue Kingdom which ruled at the same time as the Han Dynasty. Today, Guangzhou is a bustling city full of neon lights and pink swirling mist, having been influenced by wealthy Hong Kong.

Guangzhou will not disappoint any visitor. Come here to visit the Mausoleum of the Nanyue King, the highlight of the city, as well as paying trips to Yuexiu Park, Orchid Garden, Five Rams Statue, Zhenhai Tower, the Guangzhou City Museum, the Guangzhou Art Gallery, the Temple of the Six Banyan trees, the Guangxiao Temple, the Mosque dedicated to the Prophet, the Temple to the Five Immortals, the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, and so many more.


White Clouds Hill are a region of lush rolling hills with more than 30 peaks, all home to many different temples and monasteries. Star Touching Peak is the highest peak here and the local people have claimed that White Cloud Evening View is one of the eight best sights in Guangzhou.


Kaiping is home to the famous diaolou, a series of impressive watchtowers constructed in a mixture of architectural designs from Roman to rococo. They were built in the 19thand early 20thcenturies by Chinese who returned from abroad and they were used as fortresses to keep out bandits and the Japanese troops.


Foshan is one of China’s oldest pottery towns in the country, established in the Han Dynasty. There are many places to visit here; the Zu Miao temple complex, the Foshan Museum, the Buddhist Renshou Temple, the Foshan Folk Arts Studio, Liang’s Garden and good places to visit.

The highlight to a trip to Foshan is travelling to Shiwan, one of the most important ceramic making centres. Nanfeng Ancient Kiln is said to never have had put out their dragon kilns since the day they were fired up in the Han Dynasty! In addition to this, you can browse and buy some of the most beautiful ceramics from the town.

This has only touched the list of what there is to see in Guangdong Province – the region is home to more cultural attractions, vibrant cities, colourful towns and sleepy hamlets that it is impossible to note them all here. Once you travel to Guangdong, you will not be disappointed.


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