An Intimate Relationship

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 If living right is pleasing in his sight, then living wrong is not your soul’s desire.

 If you have much and much is required of you, then give all you have because he will take care of you.

 If your salvation requires spreading his word, then talk until he silences your tongue.

 If you have a talent he wants you to use, then use it until you become old and fragile.

 If you must work hard in order to survive, then work while glorifying his name.

 If the world tries to block your path, then trust him to redirect you.

 If you do not understand the journey of your life, then just remember his understanding is not your own.

 If the world uses and abuses you, talks about you and disgrace your name, then who are you to complain because they talked about and tortured him too.

 If this world is a temporary home, then live life striving to reach your eternal destination.

 If your soul’s desires are described in these words, then an intimate relationship with God is all you need.


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