Friday, December 15

Turn to Turmeric

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In India turmeric holds the crown in the spice market. Be it any festival, a religious ceremony or for simple health reasons, turmeric is a consistent winner.

A lump of turmeric is always placed in a prayer prior to invoking the deity. The bride & the groom are smeared with turmeric paste before calling for the wed- lock. A cut here, a bruise there and the humble turmeric come to the rescue.

During the winter season fresh rhyzomes of turmeric are easily available in the market. Here is a quick recipe from my mothers’ kitchen cabinet for a tangy turmeric pickle.

Turmeric pickle: Wash and scrap the 200gms of turmeric rhyzome well. Dice it in small pieces or grate it for better texture.  Slice 9-10 green chillies and mix in the grated turmeric.  Heat desired quantity of oil and add spices(mustard, saunf, cumin, onion seeds). Mix the oil & spices along with salt and ½ tsp. of asafetida to the grated turmeric. Store in a clean jar.

The two most important elements, which make turmeric a much sought after spice are curcumin & volatile oil.

Health Benefits:

  • Curcumin an antioxidant is proved beneficial in curing cancer & boosting immunity.

  • The volatile oil in turmeric is anti-inflammatory, and acts against arthritis & stomach ulcers.

  • Turmeric detoxifies the liver and help increase its ability to clear LDL cholesterols.

  • It stimulates the flow of bile and is a good digestive aid.

  • Natural antiseptic & anti-bacterial in nature, it protects & heal the cuts faster.

  • Control obesity, as it helps digest fats by stimulating the flow of bile.

  • Helps lower blood pressure.

Turmeric Trial:Bane of living in a metro city with pollution and dirt all around made my hubby knock the doors of doctors often for his recurrent sinus problems. I switched his daily cup of coffee in the mornings with turmeric milk for the past two years.  The change was difficult but after a few denials he started enjoying the change for good.

Now that the irritation from the sinus & the doctor’s bills have reduced, I have a cheerful hubby with loads of love & praises in store for me !

With numerous health benefits to its credit there is no harm in giving the humble turmeric a try !

Turn to Turmeric…


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