Monday, December 18

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

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It was a little slow and quite predictable. I expected it to be predictable, many ‘chick flicks’ are, the real challenge of the writers and directors is to make the fun snippets interesting enough for us to ignore the fact that we know what’s going to happen and enjoy the ride. I did not find much of this. I giggled a little, Hugh Grant’s humor was usual, and enjoyable; and there were a few situations that elicited a smile (like the scene with the bear-I hate when all the best scenes in movies are the ones they show on the previews). I don’t particularly care for Sara Jessica Parker, but I thought she did well enough with her character. Mary Steenburgen is always a hoot, but this movie or perhaps her role was not that interesting (apart from her accent).  None of the roles seemed that interesting.

I’m trying to figure out what the movie was really lacking. Perhaps the characters simply didn’t catch my attention enough. Maybe I found the relationship between the couple was distracting; we didn’t seem to get much information at all while it continued to be a principal issue. I wasn’t particularly aware of the emotions of the two main characters. Why weren’t they together? He cheated. We never really understood the issue; it was simply an issue.

Overall the movie was interesting enough, but it is not something I would recommend. Unless you are bored, require background noise, and find it on TV or online for free.

(who doesn’t need something going on while facebooking?)


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