Monday, December 11

The Problem With The Ipad, Solved!

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Everybody wants an iPad its official. But there is one huge flaw, which if I had not found the solution too, we could have seen the end of Apple’s greatest product.

The Apple iPad was released in the United States on April 3, 2010. The sales went so well that Apple decided to postpone the release of the iPad in other countries of the world. But now, since May 28th, 2010, the iPad is now available in Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, Sweden, France, Germany and Italy. So far it has sold over 2 million units, and has Apple Inc take over Microsoft as the largest computing company in the world. They are now worth $222bn.

iPad major problem

Most of the time, this super Apple product received great comments and reviews from the media. It is light, has a 10 hours battery life, great software, the ability to watch movies and a it is offered at a cheap price for all the  functionalities that the iPad offers. Its unbelievably light. It has the worlds most advanced multi-touch interface. Its browsing experience is not rivalled! It is truly on of a kind, its incredible.

HOWEVER, there is one very important thing missing, and it is a major problem with the iPad.  It is the lack of a simple way to print document with the Apple iPad. But look no further, I found out how, and here it is: How to print with an iPad.

Printing with an iPad

Hope this blog helps you out 😉

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