Friday, December 15

Most Beautiful Dogs.

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We all think there are many beautiful dogs, so I made a list of what I think that are the most beautiful dogs.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian husky, many consider it a beautiful dog.
It’s hair is colored beautifully black – white.
Some have bi-colored eyes and I think that looks pretty nice as well.
A downside of the dog is that there are very few that obey their master.

Airdale Terrier

I like this dog, but it isn’t a popular breed, you might have seen some in your life but I don’t think that you have seen many.
I like the shape of the dog and the tail, his gold – black colors look pretty good as well.
The Airedale terrier, unlike the Siberian husky, will obey his master and they aren’t  aggressive at all.
There are few airedale terriers that look really good.

German Shepherd dog

A beautiful dog, but it was originally used as an aggressive dog.
In Germany and many other country’s it still is, but in the country I live in it isn’t aggressive anymore.

Golden retriever

Just like the rest a beautiful dog, it isn’t a aggressive dog(well there are exceptions, but there are exceptions with everything).
Unlike the Airedale terrier this is a very popular dog, you probably have seen many before so you should agree with me that it is a beautiful dog.

I hope you liked the dogs I listed, maybe these aren’t your favorites but I think you agree with me that these are beautiful dogs.


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