Friday, December 15

So I am Off of Facebook, But I am Not Really on Facebook (But You Can Still Request That I Join)

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I haven’t been on Facebook for a while and had them delete my account and apparently it has been deleted because I received an email from them stating that someone else wants to connect with me and asked that I set up an account on Facebook.  This is interesting; I do not wish to be on Facebook and deleted my account, but someone who used to be my friend on Facebook wants me to sign up for an account.  So it would stand to reason that if you delete your account on Facebook people can still request that you sign up for the service again which means that they still have your email address on file.

The message says that I can go onto the site and change my notification preferences.  That is interesting because there should not be any notification preferences to change because I am not supposed to have an account with the site anymore.  So basically Facebook is telling me in no uncertain terms that while I technically do not have an account that anyone else can see they are still keeping tabs on me in case I ever decide to join the site in the future.  Well if I ever decide to return to Facebook, I will return to Facebook on my own terms.

It would be one thing if this individual had my email address, and as I stated in my last article you can automatically get everyone’s email address on Facebook if your mail client interfaces with their API because no one on Facebook actually hides their email address from being shared.  So the likelihood is high; but then again the person did not email me directly, they sent a request for me to return to the site from within Facebook itself.  I understand why Facebook is doing this but I wonder about that individual that does not know or would understand and how they would react if they were facing the same situation.

In fact if you read this article I did on another site and see the angst and confusion the issue has caused me you will see where I am coming from.  This can easily be misconstrued or misinterpreted as though Facebook has never deleted your account when you they actually have deleted it.  It feels as though the account is simply invisible to you, since you have not logged in for 14 days and requested that it be deleted, and to everyone else, because they literally do not have any trace of you on the system.  

There are more important things in life, but Facebook is supposed to be one thing that you can have control over.  Had Facebook told me that this would be a possibility there wouldn’t be much to talk about in this article.  However when you have a website providing a service that they will never, ever, completely remove that you no longer want to be a part of, there is a serious issue.  I should be able to part ways with Facebook, and they should respect that and leave well enough alone until I choose to return to the site.  If I never come back there are a half billion other people that actually like Facebook that do want to be bothered with it.  Facebook has to offer some clarity and a clear resolution for those that no longer want to be around, and just be straight up with them about what they plan on doing with their accounts …


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