Friday, December 15

Advice to Help u Win Your Fantasy Football League.

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Step 1 – Drafting.

Running backs are usually the first five to eight picks off the board.  Depending on what runners you have it could make your team.  All positions are important though don’t forget it.  Your first few picks are usually the best availible at the time, then after you have to have some kind of strategy.  Like who and when to pick players.  Always look at sleepers and players you think will drop in the draft or have weak schedules.  For instance, if you have a good runner in mind that you kno won’t go until later in the draft and your pick is up, pass on the best RB availible and go for another position.  Tight ends are becoming a crucial part in fantasy football.  Don’t be afraid to take one early, some people may think it’s too early but you just got the best tight end availible and you will reap the benefits.  Some tight ends are a lot better then most receivers. As for defenses and kickers you can wait until the later rounds depending on the scoring system you are in.  If say you draft 16 players in a 10 man league, draft a defense in rounds 9 or 10 to ensure you have one of the best defenses.  As for kickers, look at around round 14 to get one of the better kickers availible.  In a 10 man league the better players are mostly gone by round 10 or 11 so getting a good kicker and defense is crucial.  Don’t wait til the very end to take your kicker or defense, remember you can only play so many positions at a time.  Only go the other way if you have a sleeper in mind and you think he is gonna go really soon.  Remember to study teams and stratagize.  You first couple picks will make your team but your later picks will put you over the top.

Step 2 – Free agent pickups

During the season, injuries and busts are an owners worst nightmare, but it happens.  Be prepared for this.  Just because your best player goes out for the season with an injury doesn’t mean your season is over.  You have to adapt.  Unless your mathematically eliminated from playoff contention don’t give up, stay active, anything can happen.  Pick up weekly plays if you have to.  Continueously try to better your team no matter what, even if your 10-0 after week 10.  Some people get to comfortable and lose out because they didn’t try to better there team.  Someone else might grap that good player you left because you were comfortable and it could hurt you.  I saw this happen to people before.  If someone really good goes out for the season or an average player goes out for a couple weeks, pick up someone right away, don’t wait, it could hurt you in the end.  Remember to stay active, don’t get comfortable, and don’t give up.

Step 3 – Fantasy Playoffs

Usually the fantasy playoffs start the last few weeks of the season so be ready.  During that time some teams will bench there starters before or during the game to rest them.  Pay attention and if you need someone because one of your players are sitting go grab a back up if you have to.  All the points you can get are crucial.  If you don’t need anybody try to get someone that one of your opponents wants to give you more of an edge.  You wanna take any edge that you can get.  Don’t get down if some of your players have to sit, there are still options. 


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