Wednesday, December 13

Gay Hate at The Greencoat Boy. Lets Fight Back.

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Earlier this afternoon 5.6.2010, a group of people were refused service at a Westminster pub, the Greencoat Boy, because they are gay.

It didn’t take long for the news, and a boycott, to spread on Twitter (see #bigotbar and #greencoatboy).

If you feel as strongly about this as a huge number of people clearly do, please email the chain that owns the pub, Punch Taverns:

Punch Taverns chief executive:

You can also register your disgust with Caroline Nodder, editor of industry newspaper The Publican:

Here is our letter to Punch Taverns:

“Dear Sir/Madam

I am extremely shocked to hear from friends that they have been refused service in one of your pubs, the Greencoat Boy in SW1, on account of being gay. They had booked a room for an LGBT Labour (as in the political party) function and were told by the manager that he would not have taken the booking if he had known they were gay; he then refused to serve them. You will of course know it is illegal to refuse the sale of a product or service based upon ones sexuality.

This is absolutely atrocious behaviour, for which there is no excuse. This kind of bigotry is totally unacceptable anywhere but in central London it is astonishing.

You should be aware that a vigorous boycott campaign is already spreading rapidly via Twitter. This boycott will not just be carried out by the gay community but by all reasonable people.

Unless you sack the bigot responsible and make a full apology to the victims, I fear the boycott will spread from one pub to your entire retail operation.”

Thanks for reading this blog, I urge you to take action!

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