How To Encourage Yourself

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Accept and make the best of who you are . Be gentle with yourself. Don’t waste time trying to change what can’t be changed. Spend time identifying your goals.

Look inward for clues and answers to what is best for you. The outside world does not know what you need; only you know that. Do things for yourself and for others because it is what you want to do, not for outside recognition.

Believe in yourself. Strive to learn your strengths and weaknesses. To achieve success and satisfaction in life you must first learn to appreciate who you are. Believe other people when they compliment you and learn to praise yourself. Imagine success in all that you want to achieve.

Discard the myth of perfection. A perfectionist can never meet his or her own standards. Take steps toward your goals, find value in what you do, and strive for excellence.

Take risks. Dare. Be brave. Try new things. Make new discoveries about yourself. Consider new possibilities and ask a wide range of people for advice in order to grow.

Study people you admire. Your uniqueness is your greatest asset, but it doesn’t hurt to look up to and learn from a role model. Think about people you admire and how they do things. Perhaps you can adopt some of their good habits.

Combine doing what you should do with doing things you enjoy. Identify what makes you happy and gives you pleasure. When you are involved in these activities, you will feel more optimistic about your place in the world.


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