Tuesday, December 12

Meteorites – Our Cosmic Visitors

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  According to the composition of meteorites are stone, iron, stone and iron. Prevailing majority of meteoric stone, they very rarely impressive dimensions. Meteoric iron contains small amounts of nickel, which is issued and the cosmic background.

They tend to be large and heavy, some of which can weigh up to 60 tons. Once on Earth they are good at is maintaining tens of thousands of years. Many of meteoric iron has a little sulfur, which gives a yellowish tinge, so many people in the old days of trying to get these artifacts of gold.

However, no matter how different meteorites the size, composition, or even as other, hitherto, they were unable to find any unknown chemical element. Meteorites for sale is very rare. Their price depends on the size and composition, but this is not the only criteria. Recently, the collection is very interested in museums and universities. Desert meteorite fallen very interested researchers.

The colors and forms of meteorites seen as works of art. Their material can be used as a raw material for watches, souvenirs. Job Tools intact meteorite may be a perfect gift. The most expensive are iron meteorites, which are the least. Meteorites are interested not only known by collectors, but also the world famous people.

Iron meteorites are usually one millimeter thick melted (but not entirely) a shell, they are denser than the earthly origin of stones and are quite sleek. They can  to create a magnetic field – in this case, will the compass. However, this is not proof. In all cases the necessary expertise, but it is not everything it finds. To become more valuable, meteors must be certified.  


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