Monday, December 18

Movie Review: It's Complicated

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The movie begins with a divorced couple, Jane and Jake, attending their sons graduation and rekindling their old flame in a mostly sexual manner. The kicker is that Jake is remarried to a young beautiful woman, so now his ex-wife has become the “other woman”.

After their first sexual escapade at theirs sons graduation, Jake is persistent in continuing the relationship because of his failing marriage with his young wife. At home, Jake and his current wife are receiving fertility treatment to try and have another child, and simultaneously searching for kindergartens for her five year old son Padro. Jake sneaks and lies to continue his relationship with Jane who has convinced himself he has fallen in love with all over again. However, on the other side of things, Jane begins to fall for her nice guy architect, Adam. As Jane falls more and more for Adam, Jake gets more and more jealous and his behavior becomes erratic, making for a chain of hysterical events.

One of my favorite scenes is when Jane decides to smoke a joint that Jake left her when it has been 27 years since the last time she smoked. Her and Adam bond over this tid-bit of information because it has also been 27 years since he last smoked pot. Going stoned to Janes sons graduation party causes quite a stir with the children and Jake, who wanted to be the one to smoke with Jane. Son-in-law, Harley, catches on to the whole affair, including the pot smoking, and his input and wit continues to liven the story and keep you laughing.


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