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How to Remove Titles From a WordPress Page

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How to Remove Page Titles From a WordPress Page

For a lot blogs, having the page title appear above the fist paragraph of text isn’t an issue, but for some, it can be a bit obtrusive. Depending on the theme, the layout, and the size and style of font, some page titles can be downright distracting.

Removing the page title text at the top of a page can give a cleaner, more professional, and less bloggish look to your site. It is an easy fix that involves removing one string of code from your Theme’s PHP file.

For most themes, you will find the string in the Page file (page.php). A few themes will have this code in another file, such as the one I use. Mine was in my Functions.php file. You may have to look around a little, but start with the Page.php file, as that is where the majority of themes will have it.

First Things First

Before changing anything, always back up your database. Also copy and paste the original code for the file you are working with in it’s entirety and save it in Notepad, in case you need to replace it to it’s original format.

Next, locate the line that reads:

< h2 > < a href = ”< ?php the _permalink(); ?>” title=” < ?php the_title( ); ? >”>< ?php the_ title( ); ? > < /a > < /h2 >

or something similar. Some coders will write this string differently. In my theme, the line I removed was: < h1 > < ?php the _ title( ); ?> < /h1 >

Click Save, visit your site, do a hard refresh (crtl + F5), and you should no longer see the page title above your first paragraph.

Have fun! Vickilee


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