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How to Get a Nuke Modern Warfare 2

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Getting a Nuke is all about tactics. You cannot run out randomly and expect to get a 25 killsteak. There are many factors which you need to do which will help you get a Nuke. The factors are the classes (guns, perks, equipment), killstreak rewards and your technique. 

The most important factor for getting a Nuke is what class you use. The first tip is what gun and what attachment you use. What gun you use can depend on what map your playing on. Though, I find using the ACR, Scar-H or RPD gives me success. I don’t recommend using single fire, two shot or three shot burst guns. Because at the vital time when your facing an enemy one on one, those guns just don’t do the trick. I suggest a silencer because you don’t show up on the radar or a heartbeat sensor if you struggle to stay alive (be wary of enemies using Ninja). 

This now leads on to my next point: secondary weapons. With your powerful assault rifle or LMG, you need a close range gun such as shotgun (either spas-12 or M1012), or a launcher. Whether you want to shoot down enemy aircraft, or want to get free-fire launching kills, you can choose what launcher you want. Perks are vital for getting a Nuke.

These are the perks I think are absolutey VITAL for getting a Nuke: Scavenger Pro, Cold-Blooded and Ninja. Trust me, you will see the benefits when you play. Though, if you really struggle to get the killstreaks, you can use Hardline to get the killstreak one kill earlier. Scavenger gives you more ammo when you start, and continuously more ammo and equipment when you walk over dead players. You can replace grenades, equipment and ammo. Cold-Blooded makes you invisible to any enemy air support and thermal vision and Ninja Pro gives you silent footstep and makes you not appear on heartbeat sensors.

Killstreaks.There are not many combinations which will help you get a Nuke: 7KS – Harriers, 11KS – Chopper Gunner/AC130 and 25KS – Nuke.

I hope these tips will help you get your Nuke. Thanks for reading and please rate and comment.

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