Thursday, December 14

Destroying Your Inner Critic

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When I think of my own inner critic, I hear the voice that feeds me all the things I could’ve said in heated conversation after the fact. It is also the inner critic that causes me to spend the whole day stewing over that conversation. Along with that, it is telling me the following:

  • I’m not quick enough
  • I’m not brave enough
  • I’m not articulate
  • I lack the charisma to make myself heard

I could go on. But we all know ourselves and could come up with many other negative statements. The reversal of these damaging statements is how you destroy your inner critic. You begin by saying and internalizing the following statement:

  • On some level I did something right

The power of this affirmation will become evident once you use it regularly. For some, the effects will be instantaneous. With that said, here is your assignment.

  • Practice saying this statement everytime you are in a situation where your inner critic has the potential to influence your self talk. Practice it so it’s automatic.
  • Then, when you have that down, list all the things you think you said or did correctly in a conversation or heated situation.  Again, once you have mastered the above positive statement, your mind will gush forth with positive things to say about your performance in any given situation.

 Once you have destroyed your inner critic and are reflecting positively about yourself, you will be able to think rationally and calmly in stressful situations as well as become more assertive.


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