Friday, December 15

Effects And Benefits of Massage

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The effects of massage on the body are twofold: firstly the effects are to the physical systems of the body secondly relating to the mind.

When we knock ourselves or hurt ourselves, we often use our hands to rub or touch the affected place.

Touch is natural and comforting, people of all ages use touch to gain a sense of security and well being. As massage is safe and non-threatening most people from children to adults gain a sense of security from the therapy.

When the body is massaged, the action of manipulating the body tissue combined with the nerves response to touch; affects the whole body so the positive benefits of massage gives an overall feeling of well being.

Physical benefits:

  • Improved skin tone by removing dead cells

  • Encourages better circulation

  • Encourages deeper and more relaxed breathing

  • Relieves tired, stiff joints

  • Encourages sleep

  • Speeds up digestion and waste removal

Psychological benefits:

  • Reduces tension

  • Relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety

  • Soothes and comforts

  • Gives a “lift” to the emotions

  • Increased energy by invigorating all body systems

Over a period of time, massage will:

  • Improve body image and self esteem

  • Reduces stress and stress related illnesses

  • Enables the body and mind to relax

No wonder spas and massage centres are a rage in today’s stressed lives. Take a time out for yourselves and treat yourselves to a relaxing body massage. You even don’t have to spend any money or look for a masseur. You could use any household oil or your favourite cream and give yourselves a treat.  


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