Sunday, December 17

Millionaires Common Sense

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Whether it’s a million, a trillion or a billion dollars, if you’re setting your sights on the cash cow prize, you might as well wake up now and realize just what it really takes to get there.

You will notice much of this “common sense” coming from the top business mogules of the world. Most of these ideas aren’t even new, they are as ancient as time itself. You won’t find them all pretty or easy, but if you intend to reach your goal, you might as well use them.

0. Work ALL THE TIME, even when your sleeping

1. If you can’t outsell your competitors, join up with a company bigger then them and buy them out

2. If there’s nothing really good or important about your service or product, LIE.

3. Never turn down an opportunity to make more money

4. Don’t limit yourself

5. Make sure you actually have some REAL friends, just make sure you don’t trust them to deeply

6. Be a jerk, people will either fear you or respect you. Both you can use.

7. Buy the cheapest materials and sell them for the most you can

8. Never do the “manual” labor

9. Make sure your paycheck is always the largest and your work load is always the lightest

10. Gamble Often

11. Make sure you always know what your competitors are doing

12. Keep most of your money out of the back

13. Avoid paying as many taxes as you can, but pay enough that nothing looks suspicious

14. Do everything you can to influence the media towards your product or service

15. Have a “winner takes all” mentality

16. If you fall off the horse, make sure to kick the guy that knocked you off before you get back on

17. Live like you’re a millionaire (even before you become one)

18. Study all the greatest business men and women throughout history, then copy what they did

19. Think BIG

20. Start a small charity company that works with your company. It looks good and works well for advertising

21. Delegate any chores, jobs or tasks that you can, including home related work.

22. There are no “bad times” to advertise your company


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