Sunday, December 17

There Are Problems With Our World Food Supplies

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It has calculated that more than enough food is produced on Earth to provide every single person with more than enough for their needs. Yet many people do not get enough food. Each year, many people – both children and adults – die because they have an inadequate diet.

The fundamental problem is that, while some parts of the world produce more than enough food for the people that live there, in other part of the world nowhere near enough food is produced. Food is distributed unequally in our planet. Although larger amount of food are transported from one area to another, this still not enough to supply enough food to everybody.

Famines can occur for many different reasons. Often, the main cause is the weather. If an area suffers drought for several years in succession, then it become impossible for the people to grow corps. Their animals die, too. Sometimes, however, the problem is exactly opposite – so much rain falls that it causes flooding, again preventing corps from growing. Sometimes, even though the weather remains normal, the human population may grow so large that the land on which they live no longer provide enough food for them. Sometimes, wars raging in area are preventing people from working the land and harvesting their corps.

When the world becomes aware that an area is suffering from famine, other countries are usually very willing to donate food supplies to the people. Hopefully, this will only need to happen for relatively short time, until things improve and people can plant their corps and become self-sufficient again. Most people would much prefer this, rather than having rely on hand-out of food


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