Monday, December 11

Getting Free Pictures For Your Articles

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Freelance writing can be a challenge, but many of us simply love the written words. The best part is that, if you work hard enough, you can make money. A well written article can make a website invaluable. After all, we are in the information age, and articles are the best type of information that we can provide.

Freelance writing can help earn money, but this career can really take off if you add some sparkle to your work. You will do even better if you can add online images to add interest and color to your work. Fortunately, many sites do offer free images and photographs.

When looking for a free image or photograph, check to make sure that the photographer is okay with letting you use their work. Some artists do not like to share their work; other artists are pleased to lend the images to others. The photographers often use the images to promote their own web site.

So how does a photograph promote someone’s website? Well, if you are the photographer, then you’d want to add a little clause to each image. You might say something like, “You are free to use this image for both commercial and non-commercial sites. However, when using this image, you must link back to my site.” By including this clause, the photographer is doing two things at once. First, the photographer is allowing people to use these images for free; this means that he is just a nice guy. Second, every image must have a link back to their site. This means that the artist gets free publicity and someone else does all of the hard work.

I’ve written a short article called Finding Pictures For Your Articles, which explains exactly how to find free images for your articles. You can find it at Come read the article and see how you can increase your income by adding value to your articles.


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