Monday, December 18

Some Day, The Creationism And Evolution Debate Will End

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I think it’s difficult to believe the “controversy will never end” if you really think seriously about this issue. Every generation makes the mistake of thinking they have some sort of special significance. They have claimed things like man will never land on the moon, a cure for polio is impossible, and the economy will never recover. You get the idea.

I’ll try and give the most impartial perspective I can, here. Instead of arguing for one view or the other, I will simply argue for why the controversy will end.Evolution and Creationism are two theories about how life began. Some people believe they are incompatible, and others believe they are both true. For the controversy to end with humans alive, there are four possibilities that come to mind.

I’m sure there are more, but I’m trying to consider the issue as a “debate” rather than talk about aliens, disasters, mind alterations, and other such things. I’ll leave that to the science fiction writers.

So let’s start with the possibility that Creationism is correct. Let’s put the politics aside for a second. If Creationism is true, there are religious reasons to believe in a second coming. If I remember correctly, it is said that upon seeing God, even skeptics will bow their heads in awe.

If Creationism is true, I think it’s doing a disservice to God to suggest he would allow the argument to go on forever. He wants people to believe in him, according to the Bible. He simply wants them to choose so freely.

The serpent was sent to Hell, so to speak, for manipulating mankind. If evolution is confusing people, there is reason to believe God will ensure that the theory disappears. If this view is true, I’d suggest he knows we will throw away the theory.

A second possibility is one I find less interesting so I’ll just briefly touch on it. Basically, if both views are correct, you can repeat what I said with respect to Creationism. However, evolution can be seen as a method God utilizes. This could be revealed over time in a manner that satisfies everyone.

After all, evolutionary scientists are scientists who look at evidence. If they become convinced creationism is true, they will slowly accept it over generations. Scientists have a methodology that guarantees it works towards what, according to its own criteria, is true.

If we believe the methodology they use is valid “in general,” we can trust that they will eventually accept creationism (assuming it’s true). The acceptance of scientific method as finding truths is somewhat Hegelian, but it doesn’t require anyone to accept all scientific theories are true simply because the evidence suggests so.

There are other methods of analyzing truth outside of science. Mathematics, philosophy, and theology are examples of areas outside science that seek to provide truths. Plenty of people disagree on which of those areas succeed, if any, but that’s a story for another day.

Lastly, I think it’s hard to believe in evolution and simultaneously think that “belief in evolutionary is evolutionary disadvantages.” The theory of evolution itself would suggest that if one theory is preferable to the survival of the species, either creationism or evolutionary theory will eventually become the norm.

Evolutionary theory is become more accepted in areas other than the United States, for instance. Other scientists show that different areas of the brain show correlations with the susceptibility to religious viewpoints.

Some might even argue that we will “cure” religion in the future. There are so many reasons for the evolution believer, especially if they are atheist, to think the controversy will end.

Finally, I will remind everyone of what I said at first. Societies always make prophecies that are rooted in arrogance. They assume they know more than they do – the world will end on day X. In other cases, they assume that if our generation can’t understand this, nobody will. In this case, it’s evident what’s occurring.

We think that just because the controversy is relevant and difficult to resolve today that this entails there is no solution. This is simply false. I would sympathize with the controversy not ending if you caught me on a bad day. That seems like the pessimistic answer. If all else fails, say it can’t be done.

Give yourself a shake, have some fun, and realize that our generation won’t resolve all disputes. That’s part of the fun. You also have to remember that efforts to reach truths help guide our and future generations towards prosperity.

Get yourself a fuzzy community spirit and start debating truth for the good of future generations. We can’t have them believing the Earth revolves around the sun now, can we?


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