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Homes In La Jolla San Diego Never Disappoint

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There are few places that provide all of the amenities and necessities to university life than La Jolla, California. Its beautiful surroundings and affordable student rates, provide for a great university experience.

So what schools are in La Jolla? First and probably foremost, there’s the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Founded in 1960, UCSD is one of the 10 University of California campuses. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which predated UCSD, is now a part of the university, and is a designated sea and space grant institutionmeaning a lot of research takes place there.

the Salk Institute, the Burnham Institute for Medical Research, and The Scripps Research Institute are affiliated with other regional research centers and UCSD runs the UC San Diego Medical Center. Faculty members of UCSD who include eight Nobel Laureates, eight MacArthur fellows, three National Medal of Science laureates, and a Fields medalist has a total of 7,566.

With six undergraduate colleges, six graduate divisions, 125 undergraduate majors, 52 masters degrees, 51 doctoral programs, and four professional degrees, you know there’s something at UCSD for everyone!

Also, just to throw it in there, UCSD was ranked the second best university in the nation by the Washington Monthly’s 2007 College Guide. It’s the ninth greenest university in the country according to the national publication Greenopia. Possibly of interest to future La Jolla residents, the school is also the third largest employer in San Diego County. I could go on, of course, but I’ll give the other schools their say.

La Jolla is the headquarter of National University. It’s an accredited private university with regional campuses located throughout California and one in Nevada. In 2008 three of its alums received the distinction of California Teacher of the Year and it’s known for its preparation of candidates for teaching credentials. In 2006 National University also won an Emmy for its “one University commercial.

One of the regional research centers, Scripps Research Institute is a medical research facility focusing on the biomedical sciences. A total of 3,000 scientists, technicians, graduate students, and staff, which makes it one of the largest private nonprofit biomedical research organizations in the world of an institute which primary location in La Jolla along with its sister facility in Florida.

Then there’s Burnham Institute for Medical Research: a nonprofit research institute with two locations, one in La Jolla and one in Florida. There are over 750 scientists at Burnham who are making attempts to reveal the molecular causes of a variety of diseases. Research topics include cancer, neuroscience, stem cell research, diabetes, and obesity.

Finally, there’s the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, which ranks among the top institutions in the country when it comes to life sciences research output and quality. It was ranked the world’s top biomedicine research institute in 2004 by the Times Higher Education Supplement and number one in the world in neuroscience and behavior by Sciencewatch just this year.

So, there you have it: if you’re a student, a teacher, a scientist, want to be one, or just like being around people of those typestake a look at homes in La Jolla!


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