Monday, December 11

Best Ways to Maintain Your Perfect Relationship

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     When two people have attraction to eachother it should come at ease to notice the persons intrest in you, such as their body language and words. If someone mixes their words up in frount of you it shows how their nerves are reacting to your presents. weather or not you are attracted back to this person, you show rare attraction signs back to them. This person will pick up the little signs and think about nthem for awile. Also remember, attracting the opposite sex requires you to be outgoing and fun to be around. this will make them crave being around you more and more. The big thing you MUST remember when they are dropping hints on you it to ALWAYS stay cool and be chill about it, almost as if its nothing. This gives off the vide that you get hit on all the time and its nothing you have never herd before.

     After this you have them really going. They are trying to read your mind, but they cant if you always give different moods. This gives you the advantage of being misterious. that is a thrill even with a boy or girl. People want excitment, its human nature to want to do something new and fun. So give them you, but a fun and happy you. Be yourself but an attraction magnent. And when the time is right, slide in for the holding of the hand or the arm around the sholder. At this point the person is thrilled because of how little attention you were giving them. Most important thing to remember is  after this NEVER go in for a kiss. Dont show you are easy, this will build up tention between the two of you and leave the other person wanting more. 


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