Tuesday, December 12

RB Sleepers And Busts For The 2010 Fantasy Football Season.

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Jerome Harrison – Clev.

                       Now he is finally the starter in Cleveland and just about there only reliable weapon.  Unlike Jamal Lewis, Harrison is younger, faster, and less injury prone.  He took over late last season and didn’t dissapoint.  Harrison is ready to handle the load and trust me, he’s gonna have to.

Ricky Williams – Mia.

                       Williams was one of the best runningbacks last season when Ronnie Brown went down to injury again.  He had no one to split time with and proved he can still handle the load, although he is over thirty.  Who said you couldn’t be effective over thirty?  You will see more Ricky and less Ronnie in 2010 as the Dolphins will try to keep Brown healthy.

Justin Forsett – Sea.

                       Everyone thought when Seattle traded for LenDale White that White was going to be the starter.  Think again beacuse White was released already.  That leaves the job Forsett’s to lose.  He looked decent as the starter last season and he just might be the teams best all around option.  Not only is he a decent runner, he is also a good receiver out of the backfield.  With rumors saying Seattle his trying to get Marshawn Lynch, Forsett could be in for more of a time share.

Jahvid Best – Det. 

                       Detroit has been looking for an explosive runner since the retirement of Barry Sanders and there luck hasn’t been good, until now.  Alot of people thought Kevin Smith was gonna be the guy but after two okay seasons he proved he wasn’t.  The Lions traded up into the first round to grab Best who just might be the second best runner in the draft.  Look for Best to take over as the starter and run away with it. 


Clinton Portis – Wash. 

                       Right now Washington could possibly have a three-way split at runningback.  To make things worse the Skins are also trying to get Brian Westbrook.  Portis will probably get more of the carries from the three-way but will most likely lose the goal line to Larry Johnson.  By doing a split it should keep the injury-prone Portis healthier and more fresh for later in the year.  Your not gonna get the Portis in his prime but the Portis nearing his end.

Ronnie Brown – Mia.

                        Brown could be a top five runningback if not for his injury issues.  Sorry but it’s not the case.  There will be a time split again in Miami with Ricky Williams this time leading the way.  Williams proved last season that he can still be a workhorse and carry the load.  Now Brown will still be his chances but don’t expect alot in the rushing department as the Dolphins wanna try to keep him healthy.

Darren Mcfaddin – Oak.

                       Mcfaddin has been a bust since day one and don’t expect that to change soon.  Oakland seems to be more of a power running offense, which Mcfaddin is finesse.  Oakland has more success running the ball up the middle and that hurts Mcfaddins value.  Michael Bush will get the goal line so you can forget about alot of TD’s for Mcfaddin.

Marshawn Lynch – Buff.

                      Lynch fell out of favor in Buffalo.  Even before the draft rumors had it that Fred Jackson would be there starter.  The came the draft and the Bills drafted C.J. Spiller in the first round, pretty much giving Lynch the good-bye.  At best for Lynch will be a three-way split, if he’s lucky.  Lynch although is the more powerful runner of the group and could still get the goal line, but can the Bills get to the goal line?  Now rumors have Seattle interested in trading for him so if the trade happens he won’t be so much of a bust.


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