Friday, December 15

Minnesota Twins Lose Series to Seattle Mariners 3-1; Morneau Still Awesome

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Ugh. Well, to be fair, the Minnesota Twins were a little short in man power last night in their final game of the series against the Seattle Mariners: Michael Cuddyer is on bereavement leave, J. J. Hardy didn’t play (one wonders what that means), Orlando Hudson is still hurt…so, you can’t be too hard on the guys – after all, the Twins bench has been kind of decimated in the past week. I mean, even Alexi Casilla is injured – not that it really matters or anything; I’m just saying that the Twins are having a tough time keeping their bench together right now, even if they have won only one game out of the last seven on the road (ugh again).

That said, the Seattle Mariners kind of crushed us last night, beating the Twins 4-1.

Hurler Felix Hernandez gave the Twins the most trouble, throwing 10 strikeouts in eight innings for the Mariners. Carl Pavano, on the other hand, gave up four hits (including an early three-run homer by Jose Lopez) and took the loss against the Mariners.

Well, maybe I lied a little bit. I’m not sure that Felix Hernandez was the most troublesome of the Mariners, although he’s probably deserving of the title. But that Ichiro Suzuki was a handful for the Twins as well, stealing three bases over the course of the game (the Mariners stole a whopping five bases total). I’m not sure if that’s Pavano’s fault or Joe Mauer’s fault or both, but whatever the case is, it ain’t good.

In brighter news, Mauer did manage to scamper to first base on a wild pitch, and used that momentum to later hit a double with two outs. That gave our resident hitting machine, Justin Morneau, a chance to earn his 38th RBI of the season. Morneau’s batting average currently sits at .369, and he extended his hitting streak to six games. He’s pretty awesome, as I keep saying.

But no wonder Ichiro Suzuki gave the Twins so much trouble yesterday; he’s ranked number four in the American League for batting average (Morneau dropped to number two) at .342.

Anyway, the Twins leave Seattle having lost the series to the Mariners 3-1. A disappointing finish, but probably nothing to lose sleep over considering the current state of Twins’ bench. Let’s just hope that we get Hudson (batting .305) back soon, and get Hardy back into the line-up as well.


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