Friday, December 15

5 of The Best Bible Scriptures For Teens

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Teens are pressed hard on every side and some are singled out, bullied, pushed around and suffer from a poor self image. These things aren’t just something that girls experience but boys are just as susceptible.

Teens want to fit in, be popular, and rise in social status, which to them means everything. This is typical behavior for teens but those ideas can lead them down the path of destruction, heart ache, and depression.

If a child is being brought up in a Christian home they have a better way of getting through the pressures of adolescence. So it is ultimately the responsibility of the parents to lead them, guide them, and teach them how to walk with the Lord in a troubling world.

So how do parents teach their teens and what does that look like? The simplest thing to help strengthen their teen is reading and memorizing scriptures of the bible.

Here are five of the best scriptures that a teen should memorize, which will help them in difficult times.

Psalm 139:19-Poor self image is one of the number one causes of teen depression. They want a sense of style, want to look as good as their friends, and emulate their favorite celebrity. Often they don’t know who they are or are uncertain of their identity. However scripture says that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and again in Isaiah 43:4 they are precious in God’s sight and He loves them. Understanding these truths with help teens discover their identity in God and not in people.

Provers 13:20-Fitting in with the crowd is really important for teens and to a certain extent that is ok. Where it becomes tricky is when and whom they select as friends. Because of their strong desire to be accepted they often choose friends that aren’t a good influence and before they know it they’re participating in activities that are not only wrong but hurtful to their Christian walk and relationship with God. The bible says that he who walks with the wise is wise but a companion of fools suffers harm. God doesn’t want teens to be lonely but He also knows that not all relationships are good for them. He wants teens to be selective and cautious when choosing friends to spend time with.

Psalm 55:22-Experiencing heartache is inevitable and just another thing that a teen has to endure. When they experience this their first instinct may be to do something that will fix the situation or help them get past or over the pain of the circumstance. God wants people to turn to Him during these times not to things like food, drugs, alcohol, or sex. The bible says to cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you. In order for a teen to rise above circumstances they have to trust in the Lord with all of their heart and lean not on their own understanding (Proverbs 3:5).

God gives clear instruction in His word and does not want anyone to walk a defeated life. When teens are faced with trouble, pain, and loneliness their first response should be to turn to God, profess his word, and walk upright with integrity.


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