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What to do if Your Puppy Eats Your Socks

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Being vigilant with a puppy

Puppies are like toddlers -they need constant supervision. I didn’t know quite what to expect when I got my first Labrador puppy – all I knew was that I loved her the minute I saw her and I’d do my very best to make her a happy, healthy dog.

Some dogs eat anything

I followed all kinds of tips in books and magazines and by 16 weeks old she was pretty well trained for her age. She did have one very bad habit though -she’d eat anything! I came home one day to find she’d devoured a whole loaf of bread. Needless to say -she didn’t want her evening feed!

One  morning I came down to find my mobile phone in pieces with quite a few of the pieces completely missing! What amazed me was how such a small dog could have got it from the back of the kitchen counter. I thought I had learned my lesson.

image by author

How not to dress your dog

However, a few days later, silly me had bought some newborn baby socks, little pink cutsie ones to put on her paws so she wouldn’t bring dirt into the living room. All was well until we were playing in the living room one evening and I turned my back for a couple of minutes to get something. When I went to continue the game, I saw one of her pink socks on the carpet.

“Must have come off ,” I thought.

Then I noticed the other three were missing. I looked at Skye just in time to see her swallow the third one! I reached into her mouth too late – the sock had vanished. With a sinking feeling in my stomach I hunted high and low but to no avail. She had clearly eaten all three of the missing socks.

Should you call a vet or not?

Now, I don’t know about you but I had read stuff about the damage socks, belts, ties and so forth can do to a dog as they can get wrapped round the intestine and end up killing the dog. It’s vital to try and get them to pass up the item either from the front or rear end of their body. I contemplated taking her to an emergency appointment with a vet, knowing it would cost a fortune at 11pm. Since I had no money and had had my hours cut at work I decided first to try a couple of things I’d read about.

Get the bowels moving

First, I took her out for a walk to try and get her bowels moving. Up and down, up and down we paced – and nothing!! An hour later I gave this up. She still seemed perfectly happy but I was breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought of her dying because of 3 socks entangled around her intestines. I was just glad they weren’t adult socks.


image by author

As you can see from these photos Skye ate lots of things as well as socks – slippers! santa! You name it and she ate it!

image by author

Try bicarbonate of soda

The next thing I tried, which was my final attempt before phoning the vet, was to give her some bicarbonate of soda. I’d heard about this remedy somewhere to make a dog sick up what’s inside them. I wasn’t sure how much to give so I gave her a teaspoonful mixed in some nice food. She gobbled it down and I waited about 20 minutes. Nothing happened. I gave her another teaspoonful and waited again.I was getting so tired I went upstairs for a shower. As I stepped out of the shower I heard a peculiar noise. Convinced my dog was dying I rushed downstairs to find – 3 pink socks in a pile of vomit !! – and a very sheepish, subdued looking little dog lying curled up in the corner, probably wondering what was happening. She looked and was fine. I smothered her in relieved kisses, cleaned up the mess and resolved never to put socks on my puppy again.

Instead we have a tub of paw wipes at the door to the lounge!

What to learn from this

1. Don’t put socks on a puppy that they can pull off and eat.

2 If you have a puppy or dog keep bicarbonate of soda in the house.

3.Be vigilant with your precious puppy.


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