Tuesday, December 12

How To Use Bing For Article Idea’s

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We all get stumped for idea’s for web content and articles, at one time or another. Some of you might have heard of Microsoft’s new Search engine, Bing. It can also double as a great article idea generator! Every morning, Bing has a new picture on it’s home page. If you click on ‘images’, you will get 4 or 5 little groups of smaller pictures related to the big home page picture. If you write one article about each of  those little groups, you have 3 or 4 articles you can write everyday. Or you can just pick out one group of pictures and write about just that group, which can net you 2 or more articles if you dig far enough.

Each of the groups have a search result you can then click and read/research about whatever it is. When you first click for results, you will get more pictures, but look up to the top left, and hit ‘web’, this will take you to a regular search page for researching. If you just want to look at the pictures, on the left side there are different options in which to view them also. From the main home page, there may even be a video, maps or even news about the picture on Bing. If you have Bing set as your start page, you have new idea’s for articles everyday when you start up the internet, just waiting for you! In the lower right corner, there are arrows that you can use to see past pictures, but that’s all you get from there, just the past big pictures….no related pictures, or links to them.

You will get the current search of smaller pictures. I find this a great way to get idea’s, because you never know what pictures will be there everyday. Pictures from every topic, subject from A to Z and anything in between! Altho, I’ve not been writing much as of late, I now have a new motivator for idea’s. I usually check in places like Associated Content, and others that you write to, for articles on the same thing to see how much others there are. Sometimes there might a lot already on the subject, but most of the time there isn’t much out there. As far as I know, no other website or search engine does this. So if your ever stumped for idea’s…. check out Bing! Source: Microsoft’s Search Engine: Bing www.bing.com


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