Thursday, December 14

How to Install Windows XP From Dos

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Hello all, this is a quick guide on how to install Windows Xp from Dos pretty easily!

This will be extremely useful if XP will not install from the CD or if you have a new drive with no operating system on it yet try these:

Install Windows XP from the hard drive with Windows 98 already installed: Steps: Step 1:Boot Windows 98 Step 2:Insert the XP CD into your CD reader Step 3:Explore Windows XP through My Computer Step 4:Copy i386 folder to C:\ Step 5:Go into C:\i386 folder and double click on winnt32.exe to launch the setup from the hard drive

Install Windows XP from DOS (ie. no OS on a new hard drive): Steps: Step 1:Boot with a Windows 98 Start Up disk Step 2:Insert the Windows 98 CD into the CD reader Step 3:Run smartdrv.exe from the Win98 directory on the windows 98 CD (file caching) Step 4:Type cd.. to back up to the root directory Step 5:Insert Windows XP CD into the CD reader Step 6:Copy the i386 folder to C:\ Step 7:Go into C:\i386 folder on C: and type winnt.exe to launch the setup from the hard drive.

Notice that I am not responsible for any errors you do during this procedure. So, if you are VERY careful and do this responsibly, then all will be OK, but you must be VERY careful! So, even if you have a new drive with any operating system and booting from CD does not work, then try to install Windows XP from Dos! And, as you see it isn’t so hard!


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