Sunday, December 17

Beach Themed Weddings

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1. Petals in the sand… you can use real flower petals, but it will cost you a lot. It makes more sense to buy them in a store like Ikea. You can use them to sprinkle along the aisle and probably a million other spots too!

2. Sea shells nestled in sand in glass vases… This idea could be used to decorate the tables at the wedding. Tiny glass vases filled with sand, topped off with a few sea shells is definitely in keeping with a beach themed wedding.

3. Cake top… instead of bride, consider sea shells… maybe made of white chocolate. But, if you go with the white chocolate, don’t expect the cake top to still be there at the end of the day! Someone is sure to have broken off a chunk.

4. Lace fans for the guests. Hot days calls for an affordable way to keep your guests cool. A simple lace fan will do an amazing job and can be taken home as a memento.

5. Here is an idea I never thought of. I found it quite by accident when I was researching the topic. How about a Ring bearer pillow complete with star fish!

6. Tiki Torches are especially effective if you are thinking of a twilight wedding. Can you imagine the sun going down as a backdrop and the aisle lit by torches! Magical.

7. Tie long lengths of white tulle to the chairs so that they can be lifted to float on breeze.

**If anyone has any more ideas, please leave me a comment. There are probably millions of ideas!!


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