Tuesday, December 12

From Trash to Treasure

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Crafting Used Coffee Filter Flowers recycling coffee filters into fun blooms that you (and even your kids) can make


Sarah Turner Eco Art & Design Sarah Turner is an eco artist &  designer who specialises in making decorative lighting from waste plastic drinks bottles. All products are handmade, a variety of drink bottles are reused to create this gorgeous lighting range. The bottles are collected, cleaned and sandblasted to give an opaque look. They are then cut and formed into the beautiful shapes, totally unrecognisable from their original state.


ready-made-light designs From all over the world clever people sent their ready-made-light photos for a contest. That’s a huge list of creative lampshades made out of common oblects and rubish that turned into art.


Papel maché workshops and ateliers of  papermache, a set on Flickr

Elefante bébé, Didi.(papel maché)

Recycled Keyboard Clutch Zippered clutch/purse handloop made with approximately 210 black keyboard keys per bag


The Ecological Bottle House  The Ecological Bottle House was created by a family who chose to recycle household materials rather than hauling them off to the local garbage dump.


Wine cork bath mat This bath mat requires just three materials: shelf liner, hot glue, and 175 wine corks.


If you would like to seal the cork mat, read this post:  http://www.craftynest.com/2010/03/sealing-wine-corks-test/


A knitter with internet access offer their knitting/reknitting services to those interested in recycling their clothes.


Wallpapered Furniture by Bryonie Porter Bryonie Porter transforms all kinds of furniture, from antique to modern, with her artful application of wallpaper and graphics. Bryonie creates pieces using furniture that she finds herself, but she also does commissions using pieces that her clients give to her.


6 Recycled-Sweater Crafts Transform worn-out sweaters into clever covers for lampshades, vases, and more with these wallet-friendly projects.


Felted Fiber Art Quilt art made with old felted sweatters


Tutorial on How to Fuse Plastic Bags on Flickr Several plastic bags heated layer by layer, forming one strong, durable textile that can be sewed

Fusing Plastic Bags:  Turn up the Heat!

you can also see some examples of very nice fused plastic works http://www.flickr.com/photos/soshesews/4387670099/

Do it yourself Chalkboard Paint furniture Craft Tutorial re-purposed dresser turned fun art supply storage/chalkboard cabinet!


Flowers expended to wall art using paper rolls Made with cardboard tubes from rolls of paper towels, toilet paper, and wrapping paper.


Crafts and Figures with Cardboard Boxes, Fun Ideas


Bookshelf Storyteller Like the books are telling stories so would the tables if they could. A book rack made of old tables.


Softies lot’s of softies made out from recycled fabrics


Recycled Fabric Art a few creative examples of nice decorations made wiyh fabrics


Recycled Sculptures

Seven Wasted Men

Beautiful Baskets Tutorial a way to recycle carrier bags by weaving them into baskets.


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