Wednesday, December 13

How to Plan Content For a Blog

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                The number of bloggers who start up a blog and think that just because they have built something that people will come is amazing; there are entire bulletin boards dedicated to these people and their constant questioning of why people are not coming.  Often bad answers are given, but here is the plain and simple truth: there is something wrong with the site, the content, and/or the strategy.  Here is how to fix these problems:

Start by looking into Pear Analytics, which offers a free evaluation of any page.  If it says something is wrong, listen and fix it.  Consider signing up as Pear Analytics gets great reviews from professionals in the industry.  Raven SEO also gets the job done nicely, and has a bevy of other tools.

Learn how to target keyword-based content.  This starts with learning what people like to search for, and anyone should realize that their blog must be relevant to searches. 

Do research, but know how to do it correctly.  Google and other search engines offer free tools for keyword research, but you really do get what you pay for.  Consider looking into tools like the aforementioned Raven SEO for the best possible results.

Write engaging content that answers questions, or provides value.  That value will be critical to being effective and durable.

Once the content is ready, check it.  Scribe can help with this process, but so can Raven SEO.  Both Scribe and Raven SEO get great reviews, and they should be in any professional blogger’s digital tool chest.

                There are tools mentioned here that do cost money, and there are some free alternatives.  The bottom line is that any business needs to invest in tools in order to be effective, and blogging is no different.  These tools of the trade are what separate so-so blogs from those that eventually grow to the point where they can have their own organic traffic driven via a combination of factors that includes search engines.   The road is not an easy one, nor is it one that is going to be quick or cheap.  Rome was not built in a night, and neither were any of the best blogs on the web.  Remember that when the going gets tough and you should do OK.


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