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Gulf Oil Leak Sets Historic Record

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Gulf Oil Leak Now Worst in American History

The oil leak in the Gulf is now deemed the worst oil spill in American history, even worse than the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster. As of this writing the Gulf oil leak has already released up to an estimated 40 million gallons of oil into the Gulf, according to government estimates. With this kind of loss one would have expected gas prices to sky rocket, yet, for some strange reason the price has dropped (at least it has here in Alamance County, North Carolina). Last week I think I was paying $2.79 at the pump and tonight I paid $2.55, a drop of 24 cents! Go figure! When there is no oil spills going on and things seem to be going fine we hear rumors that gas is going to reach $4 by the summer. We are never given a satisfactory reason as to why the gas is going up, yet, we are to trust the higher powers at Exxon, BP, and other gas companies that they are being fair in their pricing and have our best interest at heart. Right!

Now, we have a massive oil leak on our hands and the price of gas is dropping faster than it is leaking. Is the reduction in price BP’s way of restoring public image? You feel like they are saying to us, “here is a buck off a gallon so you won’t think as bad of us on how we are handling the oil leak.” Actually, what they should have done long ago is dropped it by a buck and been forthright with us and said, “here is a buck off for the whole time we have been greedy and overcharged you at the pump.”

It is now coming out that they have not been totally honest with us about this latest oil leak. They are being accused of downplaying the magnitude of the problem from the beginning. BP is believed to be guilty of not being forthright about the severity of the problem and more interested in saving their face. According to the, the Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) charged that:

“BP knew how much oil was coming out at the start, but ‘had a stake in lowballing the number right from the very beginning.’ As a result, ‘their focus was not completely on the livability of the Gulf; it was also on the liability of BP,’ Markey said. In estimating the figures for how much oil was spilling, BP was ‘either lying or they were incompetent,’ Markey said. ‘I have no confidence whatsoever in BP,’ he added. ‘I think they do not know what they are doing.’ Markey also said that ‘without question,’ the word ‘criminal’ should be used to define the situation that is occurring with the spill in the Gulf.”

21st Century Sophistication: “Let’s block the oil leak with golf balls and garbage…’cause its not that bad”

I think the average American, if they are honest, has little trust in these gas companies, believes they are ultra greedy, and are incompetent or don’t really care about the effects they have on are daily financial lives and the environment. BP’s latest attempt at clogging the oil leak with golf balls and debris sort of elicits a response I have heard my 11-year-old give—“duh!” I don’t want to pretend the slightest bit that I knew for sure that this “sophisticated” attempt wouldn’t work but on the surface it does seem cheesy (I mean, really, golf balls?).

“They are going to destroy south Louisiana. We are dying a slow death here,” said Billy Nungesser, president of Plaquemines Parish, La.

BP’s next attempt at solving the oil leak is to cut the pipe back and put a cap on it. However, with this attempt the oil leak is guessed to get worse before it gets better when they cut the pipe back at first.

Gulf Oil Leak “Releases Jesus?”

Some are saying this record oil leak is possibly the ushering in of the end of the world. “The oil spill is part of prophecy,” said Turner, a Louisiana minister. “The Bible prophesized hardships. If we believe the word of God is true – and we do – we also know that in addition to prophecying hardships he promised to take care of us.” While I agree with the good Reverend that things in our world do seem to be shaping up for worse times versus better, I don’t think I could personally point to a scripture passage that claims this oil spill, or any other for that matter, will be the “trigger” of the end times.

However, an important line of questions that all of us need to be of thought over are the following: What if gas prices did suddenly jump to $6 a gallon as a result of a catastrophic oil spill one day? What if that same oil spill cause mass pandemonium on Wall Street and millions goes into hysteria over the loss of middle class spending as a result of a massive price increase? What if this snowballs into a record 30% unemployment rate, a second crashing of the housing market, and as a result, a massive amount of people jumping into the sex trade to make ends meet. Just when you thought things were bad in America.




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