Friday, December 15

How To Make Pizza

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What you need first?

1.5 d of water½ teaspoon salt15 g yeast2 tablespoons olive oil3 d of wheat flour

Let’s make pizza!

Soak the yeast with warm water and add the other ingredients. Flour last, the more necessary that the dough should be a suitable resilient. Let rise for about half an hour. Elevated concertina pounded the dough to blow off carbon dioxide removed, let it rise for a while.


Put the blender on four juicy tomato, four cloves of garlic, black pepper, a pinch of chili, oregano, basil, ketchup littlebit, littlebit something vinegar (or red wine vinegar balsamwine) and pinch (teaspoon) of salt and sugar. Then cook in a saucepan.

295 celius, put in to oven

Roll out the dough very thin and the size of the baking paper to the desired site. Subsequently, a fork holes in the bottom of the pizza: this avoids the so-called. bun bottom effect. Spread tomato sauce on the bottom, add the mozzarella, Emmental cheese mixture. Subsequently, sprinkle with desired topping. Lubricate the bare remains narrow edge alua olive oil.

And after that

Put greaseproof paper with pizza to hot pan and and let be it for about 5-10 minutes. Keep an eye on pizza.When cooking pleases the eye, take off the oven and check the bottom of maturity. Put in the oven, where appropriate, for a while (like 5 min).Pour some olive oil on top of a thin siimana pizza (but not too much!) And sprinkle with oregano and crushed garlic.




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