Saturday, December 16

Is Your Website Not Ranking Highly Enough?

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                Most bloggers and/or business owners have already figured out that search engines are the holy grail for traffic; a high search engine ranking in a niche means certain traffic, while those who cannot hit the first page on a search engine results page (SERP) are likely to struggle significantly harder to reach an audience.  The big question is: what does it take to get on that coveted first page?

                The answer is: a lot of work.  Even with that work, it might still be possible to be left off that front page due to some technicality.  In fact, there may be many technical reasons why a site is not performing nearly half as well as it should.  Knowing what to look for and how to fix it is an entirely different matter.

                Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help you rate higher on search engines.  Pear Anayltics is one of those options, and Pear Analytics gets stellar reviews.  Pear Analytics offers a deep analysis of an entire page from the viewpoint of a search engine and comes up with helpful suggestions that are easy to follow.  Following these instructions may be complicated, but a helpful guide and intuitive user interface give user a helpful hand or push in the right direction.

                Sometimes additional plugins will need to be added, such as XML sitemap editors, in order to ensure that a websites is receiving proper ranking.  Other things to consider are links, but P.A. has this handled with their custom link juice system.  Link juice is essentially a way to make the most of the existing links, and it involves deep links with optimized anchor text.  Together with other external optimizations, it is possible to substantially increase the amount of authority and trust a site is awarded by search engines.  This in turn boosts ratings, and makes life a lot easier and more cost effective for those running websites.

                Not everything can be solved by Pear Anayltics or other similar packages.  Sometimes content itself needs to be modified, but that is a different subject for a different day.  The bottom line is that anyone running a website owes it to themselves to check with Pear Analytics.  A free check is available to offer simple advice, but ongoing checks are certainly worth every penny of what P.A. charges.  Remember: ranking high is important and is worth it to drive more traffic.


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