Monday, December 11

Common Sense From The Dog

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After a friend game of poker with her neighbors, my pup came back to me with some humorous and interesting advice from the communities family dogs. They thought it might help humans to have some common sense from the canine perspective.

(1) Don’t sweat the small stuff, sometimes we all step in poo

(2) When it doubt, run around in small circles

(3) A persons smell is as important as their attitude in life

(4) If you don’t like it, chew it up and use it for bedding

(5) Sometimes the most attractive thing in the world is a really bad smell

(6) Be friendly with everyone, but trust no one

(7) Turning your back on your enemy is giving them an open invitation

(8) Calling names never helps anything, simply bar your teeth and growl, it’s much more effective

(9) Practice fighting with your loved one’s often, so that you are prepared if a stranger attacks

(10) Be loyal to those you love

(11) Always ask for more

(12) If you need to feel better, throw up

(13) Like most people, cats cannot be trusted, but they can be tolerated

(14) If you’re looking for a date, simply leave your scent on as many places all over town that you can

(15) If you like someone, have sex with them

(16) Never refuse a free meal

(17) When a member of your pack does something stupid that gets them into trouble, get them out of trouble first, discipline later

(18) Even the one of the bottom plays a vital role in the pack

(19) Break free from your life sometimes, even if it’s only to see if someone will chase after you

(20) Newspapers are as much fun to read as toilet paper and just about as educational

(21) If you can’t eat it, it doesn’t have much value

(22) If you want someone to do something for you, offer a treat is the easiest way to get them to oblige


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