Monday, December 18

A Cats Common Sense

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Just like people, cats have assorted views on common sense. I don’t know about every cat, but over the years I’ve been allowed the company of some fine feline companions and these are some things they have told me about “Cat Common Sense”.

<<1>> Anytime a door is open, go throught it

<<2>> Anytime a door is closed, meow at it

<<3>> Always ask for seconds, even if you can’t finish the first helping

<<4>> When a person sits down, this means you should sit in their lap

<<5>> When something is put up really high out of the way, that means its for the cat

<<6>> The clean laundry pile is a great place to take a nap

<<7>> If all else fails, poop in the middle of the floor

<<8>> Make sure to dig a claw into the laps you sit on every once in a while, to remind your companions of your tools to get what you want…

<<9>> People should spend all their waking hours devoted to their cat, except when the cat wants a break

<<10>> The best time to get a human to pet you, is when they are sleeping or reading a book

<<11>> If the little box is full, use the dirty laundry pile as a substitute

<<12>> To get away from a dog, climb a tree

<<13>> When in doubt, tear something up with your claws (like the couch)

<<14>> Always offer to supervise dinner while it’s cooling down

<<15>> Always make sure you are on hand to taste test every meal for your human companion, just incase they’d like a second opinion

<<16>> Every once in a while, pretend like the only thing you want in the world, is a moment of your humans affections. They really enjoy this and it’s a good way to get some wet food out of them..

<<17>> Children are beasts

<<18>> Elders are saints

<<19>> Home is where food it

<<20>> Anything is better than cat food

<<21>> Nap at least 7 times a day, eat at least 5 meals

<<22>> Attack anything that moves

This has been: A Cat’s Common Sense.

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