Tuesday, December 12


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As a teenager myself the world can be a scary place at times, many teenagers my age are drinking and doing some really bad stuff, its like what u see in the tv shows and in the movies, but with one exception these kids in my grades are smart, they party hard and rarely sleep but they do terrific in school, im not kidding i am always amazed as to how they do this,idk how? it baffles me, and probably their parents, i know all of there parents and they are all nice people except a few of them are snobby, lol, jk, all of these so called “popular” kids are smart, drunk, and nice not snobby, i dont think that i have ever seen that combination in a high school, but i could also be making this up, actually im not, it is my school and i love it and i hate it at the sametime but it is where i grew up, also these kids have cars, some r nice and some r average, i cant believe that they drive and also drink but i do not know if it is at the same time? i probably will never know and they will never ever tell me, they keep a lot of secrets within the circle that they are in, No one will ever know except them, maybe one day i will ask, i could end up dead probably for asking that, it could happen, so i dont think i will be asking those questions, but maybe in the future it will all come out, my mother told me there was a student teacher affair at the same school that i go to, she will not tell me who the person is until i graduate college, she said that i actually know this person and it would ruin this persons reputation if i knew, i will find out, it is juicy gossip about this affair


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