Thursday, December 14

A Simple And Elegant Cheese Platter

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A simple and elegant cheese platter This simple and easy to prepare platter will be the centrepiece of any social function. The flavor of each cheese is supported and enhanced by two ingredients.

Two Wheels of Camembert Cheese > Cranberry Sauce > Cold Turkey Meat

Cut the two wheels of camembert cheese into small wedges. Coat each wedge with a small amount of cranberry sauce on one side. Using a thin slice of cold turkey meat wrap the wedges individually. The slices of turkey meat should be long enough to wrap around each wedge twice. Secure the meat with a toothpick.

1 Block of Vintage Cheese >Small Pickled Onions > Green Stuffed Olives

Cube a block of vintage cheese. Place one cube of cheese on a toothpick adding one olive and pickled onion to each toothpick.

1 Block of Cream Cheese > Soy Sauce > Sweet Chili Sauce >Corriander

Using a plate with a high edges fill the bottom with a half centimeter of soy sauce. Place a block of cream cheese in the middle, coat with a sweet chilli sauce and place a small amount of coriander on top.

The cream cheese platter should be prepared no more than 20 minutes before being served as it will soak up the soy sauce and make the dish too bitter, It should also be noted that it is recommended to use Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Kikkoman Soy Sauce for this platter.

Place the plate of cream cheese in the center of the platter and surround with the Camembert parcels and vintage cheese skewers. This platter serves 25 people. Enjoy!


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