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Why is it Called Pasteurized Eggs?

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Pasteurized shell eggs which have been treated to eliminate the dangerous bacteria and viruses. Companies which produce pasteurized shell eggs claim that they behaved and tasted just like regular eggs in recipes, but they are safer, since the risk if diseases has eliminated or at least greatly reduced. Eggs which have been pasteurized before it been sale.  Those eggs are commonly marked with a special stamp so that they are very easy to recognized and identified.

How to make pasteurized eggs? Well the formula is as easy as 1, 2, 3…..

Pasteurized is a process which involves heating a substance to a temperature which is too high for bacteria and viruses to survive. Pasteurized is famously used to treat milk to keep it safe to drink and extend its shelf life, and it is also used to treat various egg products.

Making pasteurized shell eggs is a bit tricky and not as easy as you think. The goal is to kill harmful bacteria or viruses in and on the eggs, without actually cooking the eggs and this requires special equipment with very precise temperatures and timing mechanisms. For this reasons, it is not possible to make pasteurized shell eggs at home.

Because pasteurized shells eggs have been treated, they can be used in any way the cook wants. Many cooks avoid the consumption of eggs out of concern about food borne illness, pasteurized shell eggs remove this risk, allowing cooks to make things like mayonnaise, Caesar dressing, salad dressing in the traditional way, with raw eggs rather than partially cooked eggs replacements. Pasteurized eggs can also, of course are cooked in poached eggs, sunny side up and etc, as you may wish…

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