Monday, December 18

QB Sleepers And Busts For The 2010 Fantasy Football Season.

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Matthew Stafford – Det.

                                   Don’t expect Stafford to be number one Qb material just yet but he will be a great matchup play.  The Lions have a tough schedule but in between they have some good matchups for Stafford to thrive.  You can expect better numbers then last season, with a year under his belt and a new array of weapons.  Stafford has the privilege of throwing to one of the best receivers in the game and with his new weapons opposing defenses can’t key on Johnson too much anymore.  You will see alot more of Stafford to Johnson then in 2009.

Chad Henne – Mia.

                          Since the Dolphins traded for Brandon Marshall, Henne’s stock has soared.  For year Miami has lacked a number one receiver and the QB’s have suffered, not this year.  Finally a Dolphins QB is worth drafting.  With Marshall expect bigger results for the whole offense especially Henne.  Henne’s big arm and Marshall’s talent equals big success.

Kevin Kolb – Phila.

                            Finally his time in Philly has come now that the Eagles traded longtime starter Donovan McNabb to the Redskins.  Kold proved to be a beast during the two games he played in McNabb’s absense and that trend will continue in 2010.  The Eagles have two home run threats in DeSean Jackson and Jeremey Macklin so u know Philly will take there fair of shots downfield.  Now Kolb will be the one airing it out.  Kolb has been learning from the bench for a few years so think of Aaron Rodgers behind Brett Favre, BINGO!


Matt Leinart – Arz.

                          If Leinart wins the starting job, he doesn’t deserve it.  The Cards will be better off with Derek Anderson. Some teams think since they invested a lot of money in someone, that person should get his time.  Isn’t the game about winning?  Leinart did sit behind Kurt Warner but in the times he got to play he showed us nothing.  He is inconsistant and he can’t stretch the field.

Matt Hasselbeck – Sea.

                            Injuries have dogged him the last few years and his value has taken a hit. During the times he has played, he hasn’t been the consistant Matt Hasselbeck that we used to see.  The Seahawks don’t have a proven running game and no legit receiver.  There best receiver is there tight end John Carlson who has to stay in and block alot.  T.J. Housmanzadeh was signed to a big deal and for what.  Housh is overrated and can only be an average receiver for Hasselbeck.  Seattle needs an all-pro receiver opposite of Housh for Housh to be effective.  That hurts Matt because he only has a team of average receivers at best.

Jake Delhomme – Clev.

                            I don’t think I have to say anymore then I have to about Delhomme.  Delhomme couldn’t get it done with a decent Carolina offense and was a turnover machine.  Now he’s the Browns starter, u get it.


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