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Dream Wedding Theme Ideas

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Theme weddings are a trend these days. Most of these wedding themes stem from the couple’s personality. There are many wedding theme ideas to choose from. Remember to pick a theme that suits your budget and your guests as well. Remember to customize your theme according to the season of the year that you plan to get married.

If you love the Victorian era then you could use this era as the theme of your wedding. If this idea excites you then you could have your wedding in the lawns of an art museum or in a Victorian garden. You can save on hiring a DJ and get a harpist instead. Keeping the theme in mind you could avoid hiring a photographer and hire an artist to paint a few portraits during the ceremony and reception. This will act as the perfect memorabilia for your home. You can save on bridal attire as well. Shop for your attire at a vintage store; you can pick up your gown and accessories like a parasol, gloves and lace at the store for a few hundred dollars. This is one of the rarely used wedding theme ideas. You can choose from a fabulous range of party favors at vintage stores.

If you love animals or birds you could plan your theme around this concept. Release doves or butterflies at your ceremony after you have taken your vows. Another option is to plan a dolphin theme wedding. To execute this you can plan your reception on a boat that sails to an area where you could view dolphins in the water. If you are very passionate about animals you could forfeit a part of your wedding budget and donate it to the local animal shelter or conservationists that are working to save animals in distress. This is one of the many wedding theme ideas that you could choose from if you want to plan an animal theme.

Most girls dream of fairy tale weddings and these wedding themes are very popular. You need not plan your wedding in Disneyland if you want a fairytale wedding; that’s just a cliché. You can choose to customize your wedding accessories and décor around the fairytale of your choice. Dress your flower girls as fairies or angels to depict the theme. Customizing the wedding invites and favors is another simple way to execute your theme wedding. Remember not to used too many elements though as it may seem too overwhelming. This is one of the wedding theme ideas that get a lot of attention and enquiries.

A winter wedding is the perfect way to cut costs. However if you choose to be flamboyant it could have the exact opposite impact on your budget. Use calmer colors like blues, grey and teal for a winter theme. Avoid decorating the venue with flowers; instead use birch trees or lights to create a sense of warmth in the area. Place an ice sculpture in the center of the room or make it your centre piece. Each table could have a small ice sculpture instead of a flower set up. This is one of the wedding theme ideas that get couples very excited as it is a very novel idea.


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