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How to Spend Less on Clothes And Still Look Fabulous!

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How To Spend Less On Clothes

Shopping for clothes is a favorite past time for many individuals. However, spending a fortune on clothes is something we don’t have to do.  There are many ways that you can spend less on clothes while still looking fabulous.  For starters you need to realize that fashion isn’t buying the most expensive and the latest clothes in style.  Once you wear something that is of good quality, fits your figure and suits your coloring you will look fabulous no matter how long you’ve had it and no matter how much it cost. 

Shop around for bargains. Check the prices at other places before making your final decision.  Avoid the trendy “name brand” stores which are known for the high prices and look around for the smaller and quieter stores which often sell the same style clothing at a lesser price.  Take advantage of the annual, seasonal and special occasion sales.  Sometimes theses sales go as high as 90% off on items of great quality.   Be careful however, not to overspend, during sales.  Purchase only what is necessary.  Do not purchase an item that is similar to something you already have in your wardrobe.

A key tip to spending less on clothes is to purchase items that can be matched with something else.  Solid color jeans can be worn several times with a several different tops.  It is more difficult to match patterned items with something else.  When purchasing clothes for work look for suits that can be mixed and matched.  When worn, the suit will appear different each time, if only the top is changed or vice versa.  Fill your wardrobe with blacks, whites, tans and a few select colors.

Take special care of your clothing.   This will allow them to last longer and you will not need to shop for clothes very often.  You may even be able to resell these clothes and use the cash to buy new ones.  Check labels before purchasing clothes to see those that require dry cleaning only.  This will cost you extra to get these items clean.  Purchase clothes that can be easily washed and dry.  Clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton are usually cheaper, will last longer, are easier to care for and are always in style.

Invest time in shopping for clothes.  This will allow you to look around for bargains and not to just grab and go.  Try on clothes before buying to ensure that it fits the way you like it before making your final decision to purchase it.  If you don’t fit it before you will be faced with the extra cost to exchange the item also you may have to spend extra to get the clothes hemmed or altered. 

Finally, you can spend less when you buy wholesale clothing! Online wholesalers sometimes offer better selections and the same quality as those of a retailer.  Shop with families and friends and purchase three or more pieces from a wholesaler will save you over 90%.


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